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**** the Saints.

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3 hours ago, JDaveG said:

Food is good.  The Quarter is fun in small doses.  Everything else about the city is very, very, very "meh."

My most poignant memory of the Quarter was a pregnant homeless woman passed out on the sidewalk with vomit dribbling from her mouth.  I got a police officer to come around and he was totally unfazed - kind of a regular thing for him I gathered.

I do like the Garden District though.  Did a tour there, saw some beautiful homes, and finished up at Commander's Palace.  I have to recommend against the 25 cent lunchtime martinis.  Almost wound up passed out on the sidewalk myself.

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Great place to visit, great food, fun music scene.  Smells a little like feet in the summer.  Hate the Aints, don't hate the city.


I live in Texas but I'm from ATL and when I was single and stoopider than I am now we used to pile into that AMTRACK train on Friday and ride (drink) to NOL and get off in the city Saturday morning, crash, party until Sunday and ride home and somehow go to work Monday like it never happened.  There are some very redeeming qualities in that town.  But the Aints ain't one of them.  

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4 minutes ago, Godzilla1985 said:

Did your mother I law recently have a mild case of COVID?  One side effect is loss of smell.


You can start smelling that **** pit when you get into Jackson Mississippi.

Whoa whoa whoa

dont rope MS in on that ****

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Just now, Godzilla1985 said:

Not at all.  I feel sorry for them for having to be in such close proximity to the worlds largest raw sewage repository.

Thanks to proximity, we have to deal with the fans yes, but the smell? Only from the fans lol. 

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