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Do you have confidence in Mike Davis as our running back 1?

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2 hours ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

How are you guys feeling about our rushing attack going into 2021? Do you think Mike Davis will do a good job? How many yards and touchdowns do you predict Mike Davis will rush for? Do you think that Arthur Smith will use Mike Davis as a receiving weapon like we used to use Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman? I'm excited to see what Arthur Smith has up his sleeze for Mike Davis and our running backs.


Nope, it's clearly gone be by committee and that still won't be much. But as a bell cow **** nah.. 

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14 hours ago, Spongebob said:

This staff must think so. TF's experience comes from pro scouting. The Saints have had some great signings in the last 5 years that have carried them. Being in Carolina, TF would be very familiar with Davis. If they were not confident in him they would have stayed put in round 2 and picked up Javonte Williams. Instead they traded out of their position with Denver and picked Grant.

This. TF knows Davis very well. Being certain he could do the job allowed them to grab Richie Grant. Most people don't even realize yet how valuable he's going to be in this Dean Pees defense. Could be one of the best players we acquired this off-season other than Pitts ~ and Davis.

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Mike Davis looks legit to me, and he seems to be a guy that TF and AS thinks can handle to load. The running back market isn’t like it used to be, and the market seems to have no clear front runners as to who you go after at this point. I think Smith’s scheme will allow Davis to thrive here.

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