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Braves vs Cheesesteaks

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I think Chris Martin is best in the role that he is in.  If they thought he was the best closer, then he would already be there.   Let's keep him there since he is effective.   No, no and no to Puke Jackson being the closer.   He is best in low-leverage situations.   Same for Newcombe.   Matzek has the stuff to be a closer, but don't think he will be moved to that role.   Dude had the yips and couldn't throw strikes a few years ago and he was out of the league for several years because of it.   He needs to stay where he is also.   Minter has the stuff and temperament imo, but you never know when he is going to lose his control.   Best option for closer is from another team.  I agree with Richard Rodriquez.

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