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Braves vs Cheesesteaks

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I’ll take “things I never thought I’d hear you say” for $200 Alex

All I want to see Atlanta over .500 before I can entertain hope for this season 🥺

It's done been explained that Mark Melancon took less money to go back to the West Coast. His family lives there. No amount of money was keeping Melancon in a Braves uniform. The problem is keeping Wi

4 minutes ago, jidady said:

I don't use the term MUST WIN GAME often in early June, but...

We need this. It's psychological.

Tonight was the worst pitching matchup of the series for the Braves and they came out on top. The pitching matchups for the next 2 games looks much more promising. Tomorrow it's Davidson against Eflin and on Thursday it's Anderson against Wheeler. No way Ian Anderson has 3 bad starts in a row. He's too good and too mentally tough for that to happen to.

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We really have the chance for a 5-1/4-2 week this week with the Marlins and Phillies. Especially because we have finished our toughest pitching matchup with Philly. Even going 3-2 the rest of the week puts us over .500, but I think we can do better. 

After that it's Boston, St. Louis and the Mets. Need to get some wins before that stretch to build up our confidence more. Then Cincy (who we can beat) and more Mets. 

We end the first half with a lot of Marlins and a trip to Pittsburgh. I think if we can be above .500 going into that, we will add a fair number of wins and possibly be leading the division at the ASB

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4 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

Now we just need Tucker to keep up his good work and the offense to stay hot. Just hold steady and let's get over .500. I just feel if we can finally breakthrough then a run is coming

The braves have seemed poised to go on a run for a couple weeks now.... hopefully it happens there soon.

If they can go on a run then I am not sure that any of the other teams in the division can really catch up to them.

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19 hours ago, jidady said:

You know in the Scooby Doo cartoons where Shaggy and him open doors, and there's a killer behind all of them?

That's what our bullpen is like this year. It's a single nightmare with ten faces.

I dunno, seems pretty good lately. Newk wasn't great last night and Greene didn't look ready (I think he was rushed), but Minter, Smith, Matzek, Jackson, Martin all look pretty great. Even Santana came up big last night in a position he shouldn't have been used.

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16 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

The Braves are the very definition of .500. Heard on the radio, Braves are at .500 overall. But they're at .500 at home, .500 on the road, .500 against the Phillies and .500 against the NL East. They're also .500 in 1-run games and .500 in 2-run games. They're .500.

Considering how much bad luck, injuries, Ozuna, etc. we've had, .500 really isn't too bad. We can go on a run here and be where we should be.

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