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Braves vs Cheesesteaks

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I’ll take “things I never thought I’d hear you say” for $200 Alex

All I want to see Atlanta over .500 before I can entertain hope for this season 🥺

It's done been explained that Mark Melancon took less money to go back to the West Coast. His family lives there. No amount of money was keeping Melancon in a Braves uniform. The problem is keeping Wi

2 hours ago, Skott Lee said:

I’m old school as old school gets, and to me wins for a pitcher are a worthless stat much like saves. One year, Nolan Ryan led the league in ERA and posted an 8-16 record. 

It is a useless stat. You could have an ERA of 1.00 and 5 wins in 32 starts. DeGrom has a 0.62 ERA in 9 starts and has 5 wins. Incredibly outdated stat

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7 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

Different game with replay. You get instantly tossed pretty much. Thats taken away that aspect. You don't see any manager arguing these days. Snitker also makes $800K a year so I don't blame him for not wanting to rack up those fines that were increased as part of covid protocols. MLB beefed up enforcement to prevent arguing during covid. Bobby made around $3-4M a year and had a huge net worth built up. Those fines of $5-15K didn't touch him that much.

Aaron Boone routinely gets tossed as do other Yankees coaches.

But stuff like last Saturday against the Dodgers. That was clear balk by Kershaw and Eric Young Sr. showed more fire and energy arguing that call than Snitker has all year. Young had easily been arguing that call for 2 or 3 full minutes before Snitker finally waddled out there and instead of taking up the argument he told Young to stop. It's annoying seeing crap like that.

Where's the yelling from the dugout? At least do that much. Nope. Nothing. Then the same lazy answer after every loss. It's pathetic.

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