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2021 Playoffs Round 2 - Hawks#5 vs Sixers#1

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13 minutes ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


Yeah, Skip even tried to put more blame on Embiid as to why the Sixers lost.

Skip refuses to hold Simmons responsible for his play throughout the series.


Skip is rooting for the Clippers to win it all. I hope the Suns mop the floor with them.

If ima be honest, Embiid deserves a crap ton of the blame for the L too. Maybe not quite as much as Simmons and Doc, but right next to them. Dude does nothing in the 4th, is unclutch AF, turns the ball over like 8 times a game, and wants to deflect all blame. The 6ers are just a weak *** team mentally, and it starts up top with Embiid, down to Simmons, and Doc. 

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6 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:


It is a skill that players can learn. It once applied to Durant and LeBron, too. LeBron deferred far too much in the 4th quarter early in his career. The Durant that just lost a game 7 was better than the one who carried OKC on his shoulders. He wanted the ball.

Embiid and Simmons still play like the rest of the league should fall at their feet. This latest embarrassment should work as a litmus test for both. But I agree with the people who say Simmons looks broken. I've never seen someone pass up a dunk/layup in that situation before. He's that scared he might get fouled.

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20 minutes ago, jidady said:

Embiid just isn't clutch yet.

All I know is we would have been given Tree Rollins **** if he did that in playoff game and Embiid is bringing in 29 million a year, and a 35 year old 13 year veteran NBA can swipe the ball away from you? **** and Im not taking anything from Gallo it was a superb defensive play, coaches love that kind of play. Still you don't turn it over, at least get a shot off and hope for an offensive rebound. 


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1 hour ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Check out the Game 7 thread on the Sixers message board. They are roasting Simmons and Doc. Even Harris and Embiid. Pure comedy. Hawks have them in a tailspin over there.


I don't blame them.


Sixers spent all of that money on a Big 3, but yet can't get anywhere close to over the hump in the playoffs.


I saw a video of an ESPN show that Magic Johnson was on yesterday. The topic was brought up about was it a mistake when the Sixers decided to not let Jimmy Butler walk 2 years ago and not paid either Tobias Harris or Ben Simmons.


Jimmy Butler and Joel Embiid alone would've faired much better than the Sixers Big 3 of Embiid/Harris/Simmons.

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