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2021 Playoffs Round 2 - Hawks#5 vs Sixers#1


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53 minutes ago, 2smooth4u said:

Let's get this under 20.


51 minutes ago, 2smooth4u said:

Maybe it's me being bias however I don't see us out of this game. I would keep OO & Gallo in though. 


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Just now, SavedByGrace1221 said:

Guys, I don't know about yall, but I think Trae Young is a bonafide superstar.............................

Yeah, you finally noticed huh?

Welcome to the club lol

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2 minutes ago, Spts1 said:

That was the greatest playoff win in Hawks history. They were dead until Lou came into the game and had whats probably the greatest post season Hawks performance in their history.  UP there with Nique vs Bird in 1986.  Lou came in and singlehandly brought the Hawks back from the dead.  What a game.


Lou was the spark, but Trae scored 25 points in the 2nd half as well as clutch free throws to gain the lead.

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