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2021 Playoffs Round 2 - Hawks#5 vs Sixers#1


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9 minutes ago, Beef said:

It was rhetorical. Not actually directed at you. Sorry. 

Lol hey, you have to make sure on this board! 🤣

And you are right about the eye test showing whether a game is being called straight up. I too spectated, played and coached For 25 years before putting on the stripes for twenty+ years. 

Needless to say I have seen A LOT! Lol

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29 minutes ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

I think he goes but is only a shell of himself for the rest of the series/playoffs.


I think the even bigger question is when will Seth Curry and Shake Milton come back down to Earth?


Hawks would probably be up 3-1 if Curry and Milton played like their normal roleplaying form.

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51 minutes ago, Mr.11 said:

I remember that one. I didn't get that either. Like what's a guy supposed to do, step out of his way like a doorman so he can get a free layup?

It was funny and memorable for me because I jumped up off my sofa and threw a pillow that almost hit my dog, and my wife had no idea WTH happened, why I was so pissed, and why the Sixers were getting a free throw.  I had to spend the next 2-3 minutes rewinding it and explaining the call and rules to her on defensive 3-seconds.

Since then she’s been counting the amount of times Sixers players have been standing in the paint for over 3 seconds while they’re on defense. Even counting the seconds out loud and then screaming obscenities at the refs/TV for not calling it on them (which has been a staggering number of times… easily 20x, and several for more than 6 seconds).  LMAO!

It’s cracking me up.  She’s always only just been a sub-casual fan of basketball, but now she’s gone completely gung-ho for these playoffs and is really into it. I love the passion. It’s been fun watching her get heated and cheering with me.

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Seth Curry has been averaging 17 this playoffs and a healthy 12 in the regular season.  He had a break out season last year, I don't think he's coming down to earth. You literally can't leave him open, ever. And on some nights he will kill you off the dribble and there's not much a good contest will do about it. 


Shake Milton though? That's another story. He was literally out of the rotation this year (Tyrese Maxey took his minutes) and Doc threw him in out of desperation after we stormed back in game 2 and a miracle happened. He will 100% be crashing down soon. 

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