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2021 Playoffs Round 2 - Hawks#5 vs Sixers#1

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2 hours ago, dmite said:

Hawks were 0-3 against the Knicks and we saw how that turned out. 

That's what's kinda scary about the Hawks. Teams can't really go off the regular season tape with this team, because for long stretches of time they played without several of their starters and the rotation changed frequently. They're still kind of an unknown. They're a #5 seed team that played like a #1 seed team when Nate McMillan took over, and they weren't even at full strength until now (for the most part).

These playoffs are really the first time we're seeing what these Hawks are really capable of. We've seen flashes...but now we're gonna find out for real.

I'm here for all of it...let's GOOO!!

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Barkley has poo pooed this team all year even after the turn-around.  (and I love Barkley)

Bought game 4 tickets.  Hope it's scheduled for a time I can go.   Driving to beach Sunday, so Ill be streaming on phone.

If Embiid can go, I see home court holding up.  If Hawks can steal one on road it's theirs.  But if I had to put money on it I'd bet Philly in 7.   



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18 hours ago, jayu70 said:

Sixers fans seem to think they can hide Seth Curry on DeAndre Hunter, lol.

Hunter will just post him up and take him off the dribble, rise up and shoot over him.

Oh, that won’t turn out well at all! They better leave that boy on Trae! 

And Bogi will abuse him too if they go that route.


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I like the Hawks chances. With Capela and Collins they have two good big men to throw at Embiid and if either get into foul trouble Okongwu is starting to come into his own. With Hunter pretty close to full strength they can have him lockdown Harris. 

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Posted (edited)

I understand the concern with Reddish's possible return, but if he does I think it will be in a very specific and limited role. He'll take the Snell role which hasn't been much, Solo's toughness was needed vs Knicks. Both guys saw limited minutes so Cam would most likely as well.



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