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I like reading this about Sanu

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14 minutes ago, Mister pudding said:

Sanu was a great player and signing for us. Many (on here and the world) thought his deal was too expensive, but he earned every penny. Wish him the best

They did! I remember everybody going nuts over that contract, here and the media. It was pretty widely ridiculed, but man did he pay off in 16!

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5 hours ago, Geneaut said:



SANTA CLARA -- Five wide receivers who should win spots on the 53-man roster were not on the practice field Wednesday during the 49ers' second week of organized activities.

The shortage of available pass-catchers left the door open for the most-experienced receiver on the 90-man roster to see a lot of action come his way.

Brandon Aiyuk (groin), Richie James (hamstring) and Travis Benjamin (calf) were held out of practice. Deebo Samuel is not injured, but he was excused from on-field work. And Jalen Hurd continues to rehab from a torn ACL he sustained on the first day of training camp last summer.

Veteran Mohamed Sanu, who figures to be in a battle to win a roster spot for the start of the regular season, was the clear No. 1 receiver during practice.

Sanu caught five passes during 11-on-11 drills, including two apiece from Jimmy Garoppolo and rookie Trey Lance, in the team's 72-minute practice.

Sanu, 31, as far more NFL experience than any receiver on the 49ers’ team. He has appeared in 128 NFL games with 96 starts. He has 420 career receptions for 4,694 yards and 27 touchdowns. 

However, his production fell off dramatically the past two seasons. Last year, Sanu appeared in three games with the 49ers and was cut after catching one pass for 9 yards. He ended up with the Detroit Lions, where he caught 16 passes for 178 yards and a touchdown in seven games.

Now, he’s back with the 49ers on a one-year contract and faces stiff challenges to remain with the club into the regular season.



hope agent 12 gets another shot.i didnt like the signing when he first got here but he shut me up real quick and won me over..hated when we traded him but i understood why..i love the fact when he got traded it was absolutely nothing but love and people wanting him to go win a ring in NE shows how loved he was already in such a short time of being here

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7 hours ago, thanat0s said:

If he ain't talkin beans, don't waste my time!


But seriously, Sanu is hard not to like. He's a great character to have on the team, so I'm glad he's still out there fighting for a spot.

And he's clutch.  He's the guy you throw it to on 3rd and 6 late in the game because he wont drop that pass.


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