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Report: Falcons WR Julio Jones unaware FS1 call was on live TV

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On Monday, in one of the weirder live TV moments in recent memory, Undisputed host Shannon Sharpe called up wide receiver Julio Jones and asked him if he’d prefer to stay with the Falcons or join the Cowboys. This phone call didn’t go as anticipated and Jones immediately responded that he was “out of there” in  reference to Atlanta.

Later in the day, it was also reported that Jones approached the Falcons back in March to request a trade. Following his unusual FS1 interview, many wondered if the usually reserved Jones had even been unaware the call was taking place on the air.

Chris Simms of NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talkshed light on the situation and stated both Jones and his agent are disappointed in Sharpe.

“From what I know, from people I know in the NFL, he had no idea he was on the air yesterday,” stated Simms on Tuesday’s show. “I found that out from somebody in the know here. Yes, he and his agent were very disappointed after.”

Sharpe also failed to acknowledge the incident on Tuesday’s showing of Undisputed, leading many to believe there were off-air discussions to avoid the story and any potential legal actions. California is a two-party consent state, meaning both parties must be made aware they’re being recorded. From the words of Simms, Julio had no idea. This isn’t to suggest legal action will take place, it’s more likely just Fox Sports covering themselves from any potential blowup on their end.

Falcons head coach Arthur Smith spoke to the media Tuesday morning as the team was slated to start OTA’s later in the afternoon. Smith noted that all conversations between him and his players will remain private and that he has no comment at this time. Even when discussing the photo of Julio wear a Cowboys hoodie, Smith stated that while he was unaware of the photo, his players can wear whatever they choose. He’s not going to enforce grown men to a dress code.



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I like Shannon Sharpe. But if he did that, Julio needs to avoid all calls in the future. Personally, I think Julio was aware but it doesn't really matter. If he didn't preface his comment by saying "don't tell anybody, but..." then he knew he was dealing with somebody that was going to broadcast it to hasten his exit.

In other words, we now know who "sources" is in all of those "sources tell me Julio wants out of Atlanta". Really don't want Homie to burn his bridges on the way out of town.

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Its his best PR move, to make this claim. I would like to believe him. I often have feelings, I wouldn’t make public. To be respectful and kind etc, I would put out a respectful and thankful message. But emotionally and off the cuff, in private, I may be less reserved in my thoughts and feelings.

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24 minutes ago, Atl Falcon said:

If Sharpe did that without JJ knowing - that’s flat out wrong on his part. I hope Sharpe gets fired and chastised by the whole sporting world if JJ didn’t know it was live. What a low life! Maybe JJ will kick his asz 



Fox won't fire him because he broke the biggest recents sports news not involving Aaron Rodgers on live TV from the horses mouth 


That's money for them 

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