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ATL Turned Down a Pats offer for #4 and Julio

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Rumors swirled around Twitter Tuesday that the Atlanta Falcons turned down a blockbuster trade offer from the New England Patriots on draft night that would have sent the fourth overall pick and Julio Jones to the Patriots.

The allegation was made by Patriots Beat Reporter @SpikeKing76 on Tuesday via Twitter that on draft night that the Patriots reached out to the Atlanta Falcons about completing a trade for Julio Jones and the fourth overall selection from the 2021 NFL Draft.


As we all know, the general manager Terry Fontenot took all calls on potential trades that included the Falcons’ top-five pick in 2021 but ultimately decided to keep the pick and go with the best non-quarterback in the draft – Kyle Pitts.



Maybe the Atlanta Falcons aren’t going to trade Julio Jones after all

The Twitter account made no mention of what the Patriots offered for Julio and the fourth overall but the account has earned the trust of thousands of Patriots fans as he has broken some big-time news over the years about the franchise – most recently he released the Patriots full schedule long before the NFL did.

The only team that NFL insiders have verified reached out to the Atlanta Falcons was the Baltimore Ravens as they look to improve their offense around former MVP Lamar Jackson.

While we all know Fontenot has taken phone calls from teams about Julio and the speculation around the fan base is that he will be traded, that certainly does not mean that is the case. We also know that his teammates love and respect him – getting rid of that guy would not go over well in the locker room.

While no more big moves will be made before June 1st, the Atlanta Falcons will have to make some sort of move or two in order to free up the nearly $7 million that they are going to need just to sign the entire rookie draft class.

Trading Julio is not the only move that they can make in order to free up cash, so it will be interesting to see what avenue Fontenot decides to pursue as he looks to free up cash in the coming weeks.



-Blogging Dirty





I wonder what they offered. Must've been at least 2-3 firsts and some later picks, and maybe a few players.

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1 minute ago, PriMeTiiMe said:

LOL. Yeah Bill, we will give you a top 5 pick AND Julio Jones (Where we eat a ton of dead cap) for a couple late 1sts. Seems fair.

According to Twitter the trade was:

#4 and Julio for all of Belichick's cut off sleeves, Cam's hat wardrobe, a 6 pack of Sam Adams Winter Ale, two years supply of Gillette razors and Robert Kraft's old massage table.

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Posted (edited)

Bruh, I can’t even imagine what it would take for me to realistically consider trading the 4th pick and Julio Jones.


As a matter of fact I would almost consider it disrespectful to even ask to trade for those two. 

If I had to pick a team I would consider trading the 4th and Julio to, it would be Washington and I wouldn’t even entertain it unless they were giving me AT LEAST Chase Young and Da’Ron Payne in that trade.

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15 minutes ago, thanat0s said:

What possible compensation could nearly any team in the NFL give up that would offset pick 4 and Julio? It's complete bull squirt, imo.

I call ******** on this article...Who were the Patriots targeting that would be worth the move up to 4 and simultaneously not worth moving up anywhere in the top 10.

Based on the fact no one was willing to trade with them at 4-6 which were all receivers, it goes without saying they either offered garbage or they really wanted Pitts, Chase, or Waddle.  Otherwise, they would have tried to trade up with any of the other teams.

Sorry, this just makes no sense to me whatsoever.  And if anyone is suggesting this would have been for Fields, if it's even true to begin with.  They had so many other opportunities to trade up for Fields, so I can't buy it.

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Blogging Dirty is known for some horrible horrible takes. If a reputable source tweets that there were offers, then you can start to actually wonder what the offer was.

I for one,  expected NE to move up for a QB. Their offseason has been unlike any of theirs for the past 2 decades. They went all out in FA, signing players. They were just missing a QB and trading up would have locked them in on one. It made sense.

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1 hour ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


For the Pats to move up from #15 overall to #4 and Julio would've had to give up at least the next 4-5 years worth of 1st rounders because Pats aren't gonna pick real early. They would be mid to late 1sts at best as long as Belichick is there.

yeah there was no way they were going to offer a fair market value for julio and our #4.. the fact that this patriots insider didn't say what was being offered tells me he is either hiding it so that people don't laugh at the joke of an offer the Pats sent out or he is just full of crap.. 

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I don’t believe this one bit.

It would have cost the most absurd amount of compensation, even for the “lowball” offer, that it just wouldn’t have been viable on any level.

I mean just to not get laughed off the phone would have required 3 first AND second round picks since it’s pretty much a certainty the Pat’s picks will be between 15-32 every year. And no way is Belichick offering something that insane.

But more than even that, nobody in the Pats organization is going to leak this information. Belichick would crucify them before firing them.

All these media folks lie. They prove it every day. So it’s asinine to afford crap like this any cred.

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28 minutes ago, Dem Birds said:

There was no way we give up Julio and Kyle Pitts. The compensation would have to be insane. This doesn't mean we wouldn't trade Julio of course. But this trade was probably not even seriously considered. 

I concur.  The compensation for such a trade would have to have been borderline absurd to have occurred. 

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