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2021 Playoffs Round 1 - Hawks#5 vs Knicks#4


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It's go time!

I know the Knicks swept us in all 3 matchups, but I'm confident we can win the series under Nate. They haven't faced our full complement of the playoff roster for a full 48 minutes in any of the 3 matchups and under Coach Nate:

Starters: Trae, Bogi, Hunter/Snell Collins, Capela

Bench: Lou, Huerter, Snell/Hunter, Gallo and Okongwu. Solo will be the 'break glass in case of emergency' guy.


Game #1 (No.7): No Gallo, Snell, OO, Rondo, Bogi off the bench and took only 3 shots, coached by LP (where losing 4th quarter leads was common place)

Game #2 (No. 27): No Bogi, Hunter, Snell, Rondo, OO was playing his 9th game, coached by LP.

Game #3 (No 59): No Snell, Gallo, Hunter, Trae in game injury (Hawks were leading by 9 at the time), Collins on minutes restriction and so didn't play in OT.

Randle will be a load and I expect him to get his. Derrick Rose off the bench is the x-factor to me, we have to find a way to contain him.

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Kendrick Perkins on First Take says he thinks we upset the Knicks. Cited our offensive weapons and how many we have, how well coached we are. 

Stephen A says he thinks things will slow down and defense and physicality will help the Knicks win, but says he thinks it's going 7. 

We are more physical than people think. We pretty much need to slow down Randle and Rose and I think we can take it.

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