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TF and AS were excited when the 49ers took Lance, turned down a call from Detroit

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It is obvious by any objective standard that the Falcons had targeted Pitts the entire time. Of course they scouted the QBs, OTs, WRs and other players near top of draft, that's their job.........but the entire time Pitts was their guy.

Of course they kept their phone lines open if something too good to pass up was offered in a trade.......but the entire time Pitts was their guy.

The Ryan detractors who prophesied biblical level consequences if we passed on  the once in a lifetime opportunity of those certain HOF QBs that were there don't much care for the evidence that has surfaced since the draft, proving they were dead wrong about Falcons intentions, but it is what it is.

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28 minutes ago, PriMeTiiMe said:

For us to not even consider it or negotiate and quickly tell them we are taking our guy it must not even been close to enough.

That was beautiful! Pretty much like me being on the phone and disregarding what scraps they offered. :lol:

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14 minutes ago, falconfansince66 said:

I wonder if the phone would've still rang if SF picked Pitts... 

But we all knew they weren't picking Pitts. It was never even a consideration. For anyone who didn't love the pick, about the only argument is that 4 is too high for a TE, although if they had any hindsight into what Kelce or Gronk became, they would have taken both of them at 4.

But yeah, if Pitts had gone at 3 if Miami stayed where they were, I think we would have taken one of those lesser offers and traded back.

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29 minutes ago, MattM12 said:

Anyone checked on the draft a QB club recently? Day by day, it gets tougher & tougher to defend.


Hello GIFs | Tenor

25 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

When you see them just make sure to remind them of this.




LMAO, well played

5 minutes ago, ROMERO said:

They are still crying because Falcons didnt draft their idol Fields. All I got to say go be Bear fans and dont come back 

Nothing to cry about, We took the best player in the draft over the value of QB. 

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