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Who are your top 10 Falcons of all time

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10 hours ago, vagabond_falcon said:

Matt Ryan, Julio,William Andrews,Claude Humphrey, Tommy Nobis, Deion Sanders,Jeff Van Note, Roddy White, John Abraham, Steve Bartkowski

That's my list! You stole my list!! Somebody arrest this thief!! Er, I mean, well played! :lol:

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I couldn't find a spot for him in my top 10 but the one player I wanted to add to my list that I hadn't seen mentioned was Mohammed Sanu.  Do you ever make an all in bet and get dug in so deep that your going down with the ship if it crashes? That's how I felt when we signed Mo. I loved the tenacity he brought to our WR group. Always talking. Always backing it up. 3rd down Machine you could count on to do it all. Catch, BLOCK and even throw TDs. You never questioned if he loved the game. I guess you could throw Spoon and Norwood on the list of guys I loved watching for personal reasons but not necessarily football production.

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Posted (edited)

1.  William Andrews                                     

2.  Jessie Tuggle

3.  Deion Sanders

4.  Andre Rison

5.  Jamal Anderson

6.  Michael Vick

7.  Warrick Dunn

8.  Matt Ryan

9.  Michael Turner

10. Julio Jones

My Personal Favorites in the order of when I first started watching football and all who I have watch play for the falcons until now. These are the guys who in my opinion made it fun to be a Falcons Fan. 

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Im assuming MR and JJ are future HOFs and are a given.  And also takin roddy and vick out of the equation.


1.  Bob Whitfield/Ritchie Toebeck

2.  Travis Hall/Ed Jasper

3.  Bob Christian/Jamaal Anderson

4.  Alge Crunkler

5. Tuggle/BrookingS

6.  Terrance Mathis

7.  Morten Anderson

8.  Ironhead

9.  Warrick Dunn

10.  Todd Weiner/Shaffer/K.Forney

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Matt Ryan

Tony Gonzalez

Jessie Tuggle

Roddy White

Steve Bartkowski

Julio Jones

Jeff Van Note

Scott Case

Warrick Dunn

Alge Crumpler

I debate about Deion Sanders who probably had his best years after his really short time as a Falcon or maybe Alex Mack who was great here but really only here a short time or maybe Michael Vick who had a great start but such a bad finish to his time here.


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Good topic.  Tough one for sure and my list would probably be my favorite Falcons of all time, not necessarily the best players to ever play for the Falcons.  I can’t list guys that I know were really good to great but I don’t remember watching.  Also, Sanders and Vick don’t make my list because of how they left the franchise.  

1. Matt Ryan

2. Julio Jones

3. Roddy White

4. Jesse Tuggle

5. John Abraham

6. Keith Brooking

7. Andre Rison

8. Bill Fralic

9. Scott Case

10. Jamal Anderson

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Claude Humphrey (1st Falcons jersey I had)




White Shoes





Mazetti (greatest bartender to ever play in the NFL)


Never saw Nobis live, but he's clearly better than nearly everyone mentioned above. Limited it to players I saw play. 

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My personal favorite Top Ten Falcons of all time are, Matt Ryan, Steve Bartkowski,  William Andrews, Julio Jones, Mike Kenn, Claude Humphrey, Deion Sanders, Michael "The Burner" Turner, Jeff Van Note and  "Mr. Atlanta Falcon" himself, the great Roddy White!!!

This was almost an impossible task for a Die Hard Atlanta Falcons fan like myself!  I have been devoted to them since their inception in 1965!  Like some others mentioned on this thread, there are SO many deserving praise for their body of work.  Cutting down a long list of favorites to only 10 definitely is far from easy!  Some of you fans out there, much younger than myself, will probably look at some players, like maybe William Andrews, and say, "what did he do that was so great?"  Well, I hope you don't think that but, he was amazing longer than Jamal Anderson (Andrews career was cut tragically short by a preseason game injury) even though Jamal was great before he was injured.   Once, in a game playing Denver, Andrews took a hand off, ran right for a touchdown and on the way, hit a defender so hard, he was completely knocked out!  He was so much fun to watch!  Other Falcons "old timers" have similar stories of greatness but, you would have to experience it.  

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Posted (edited)

True "Favorites". Not cause they were necessarily the best, but because I personally liked them.

1 - Jesse Tuggle

2 - William Andrews

3 - Warrick Dunn

4 - Matt Ryan

5 - Scott Case

6 - Jason Snelling 

7 - Morten Anderson

 No particular order, but I can't leave them out - Julio, MV, Gonzalez, Roddy, Jam, Deion

oh yeah... Abe

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