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Falcons wanted Pitts all along.

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1 minute ago, Beef said:

That makes it not only clear that Lance was never an option even if he were available, but that with 8 minutes left they were turning away trade offers and going Pitts no matter what.

Pretty cool to know a bunch of us were right the whole time.

Us as in anyone with common sense lol. I don't know how or why anyone would believe they would spend 4 on a player that will not play any time soon, especially after the restructure for Ryan. Maybe before. 

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10 minutes ago, CrimsonFalcon said:

Did anybody else hear someone say "Detroit's on the line"?

Yeah. TF got on the phone with them and basically confirmed to them he was turning down their offer again.

Edit: After thinking about it, TF also could have been telling Detroit, “Yeah, same as before.”, as in “Yeah, we’re still picking Pitts, like I told you before.”

So maybe Detroit wasn’t necessarily offering a trade, but just getting confirmation on who to take off their board.  Either is possible after hearing what was said.

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52 minutes ago, Drvillain said:

many "sources" need to be FIRED ASAP

This is why I have zero faith in what Peter King is saying about a possible Julio trade.

He was pretty certain we were going Lance or Fields, and if not them, then trade back.

Turns out he was very wrong on all fronts. It was 100% Pitts at 4 the whole time.

Anything he says about Julio has zero cred.

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10 minutes ago, Beef said:

AS is a big dude. Pitts is 6’6 and AS is only maybe an inch shorter, but even had wider shoulders.

I guess that’s one way to command authority and attention, being bigger than half the players. LOL

Yep. 6’4 officially I have seen.

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