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Peter King #6 on "10 things I think, I think" - 60/40 Falcons trade Julio

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51 minutes ago, HASHBROWN3 said:

Has anyone here EVER considered that the Cordarrelle Patterson pick up signifies more than just a multipurpose threat and could actually ALSO serve as a similarly sized, athletic temp replacement for when Julio's trade happens? Hmmmm???  Conspiracies abound! 

Ever seen Patterson and Julio in the same room?

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I love Julio, but No doubt he's available, but I bet TF has a high price tag or it's not worth it. We should've traded Julio when he wanted a bump in pay, if we were going to trade him, but we didn't.  So it's either a kings Ransom or nothing. We got a lot of money to eat at this point.

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First it was happening  on draft day... Then it was 50/50 when june 2 .... Now its 60/40 by september.


Let me tell you why this doesnt make sense..... If we this it has to be meaningful because you are deadcapping next year 15.5 mil..... So you are hurting next year


The only way this makes sense is if you are doing this to freeup cap to sign the rookies year (pick up a freeagent or so) ANDDDD you are getting good draft picksss... This would have to happen near the june - july


Extending Grady would help do this so a team would have to offer good picks


We will see what happens tho... Like theyve said we are not calling teams.. Teams are calling them

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1 hour ago, JDaveG said:

Just so I'm clear, what is the source that Fontenot is the one that leaked the Julio trade talk?

Is it just @g-dawg saying it in this thread, or is there another source?

There is no source. Just like AS said the other day, media does what they want with rumors but "it ain't coming from us."

They've also all said it from day 1. They'll listen to everything, and they can't speculate who will or won't be here in the future if the offer is great enough.

I think it will be like the draft and a trade back scenario. The offer will never be great enough.

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I've been saying Julio is the one that makes the most sense to trade ever since people were talking about getting rid of Matt. I said it quietly, but I still said it!

Fact of the matter is that Julio is still putting out a first rounder type of production. He's still really really good, he was just injured last season. He's still one of, if not the best player on the team. You don't unload that unless you're getting what you want out of the deal.

Also, someone show me where Terry said he's trying to trade Julio. I want to see that. They've been saying that they're always willing to listen pretty much the whole time, but I don't remember Julio being put forth in particular.

I bet it will be similar to the draft. We wanted to trade down, and we open for business, but no one took the trade so we just stood where we were. I bet there's a price in mind and it's probably not gonna be met so I bet we keep him this season.

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37 minutes ago, Atl Falcon said:

PK is pretty dang good. If he puts it at 60/40 that’s likely the case. 

I have had it at 60/40 we trade him in my mind for a while now. 

Seems like Terry is fishing to see what happens vs. us making magic with his contract as to which is better for the team.

I also think this is going to be a multiple moves fix as well so Julio is only a part of it.

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3 hours ago, g-dawg said:

6. I think I’d call it 60-40 that Julio Jones is traded by Labor Day.


PK not exactly "making the call" (60/40) but remember, it was Falcons/Fontenot who leaked the possibility of a Julio Trade to Peter King and Albert Breer 24 hours before Fontenot was interviewed by local reporter and wouldn't knock it down.   Fontenot has had several chances since then to knock the Julio trade possibility down and he doesn't seem willing to do so.   While most of us want to see Julio play in  2021 unless there is a ridiculous offer on the table - it seems like there is fire behind this smoke - King knows more than what he puts in his column here and - reading between the lines - basically sounds like Fontenot probably has a certain level of compensation - and if he gets it - Julio is out.     What's the compensation where Fontenot pulls the trigger?   My guess is he will ask for a 1st and 4th round pick but would probably accept a straight 1st rounder.

The hope would be a team like the Packers are desperate to assuage Aaron Rogers and meet the price that Fontenot demands.


Bruh you haven't learned from the draft that they don't show their cards.

All this "TF hasn't shot down the idea" isn't any indication at all that there is or isn't "fire behind the smoke."

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Man, it's like the waves hitting the beach.  A few times every minute there's a trade Julio Jones thread.  

Jones is a Falcon until he's not.

Jones is a baller receiver.

Jones has a really heavy contract.

Falcons don't have a lot of options to trade him for what he is worth which is a lot of catches and touchdowns and/or drawing a double every other snap.  

Can't we talk about something else like gradient uniforms?

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15 minutes ago, athell said:

Peter King is a hack...

As you were.

So are many insiders. You would think Watson, Rodgers and RW are already traded. Lol. 

Adam Schefter admitted other day for making up Rodgers trade talk with no sources or new information. Schefter  said he just decided to drop all the Rodgers rumors and information on draft day. Lot of it is clickbait. But then there are so many who blindly follow what these guys speculate. 

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4 hours ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

Unless we get someone like Khali Mack or Aaron Donald I don't see Julio leaving the ATL.

The only reason we would trade Julio is to free up cap.  Both the players you mentioned have a higher cap hit than Julio, plus we would take on the dead cap from Julio’s contract as well, putting us in an even worse situation.  There is zero chance that happens.  If a trade were to happen if would be for future draft picks, not players.

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3 hours ago, Romfal said:

lmao I love Julio but we're not sniffing anything close to that

Trading a huge salary for another huge salary? Wouldn't that be like making a move just to make a move? I don't think the talk of moving Julio is because the braintrust doesn't like him.

With that being said, it's gonna be a pisser if we trade him for a late 2nd rounder.

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