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How good to you think our new running back Javian Hawkins will be?

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Right now any if the six running backs have a shot for significant reps. Pre season will play a big role IMO. I think both Hawkins and Huntley have a shot at being RB2-4 depending on how Patterson and Ollison look. Could see Hawkins getting the second most touches behind Davis. Either way I think he makes the team though 

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1 hour ago, PokerSteve said:

He has some ability that I think would translate into being a starter. Just have to wait and see if he is able to get acclimated to the faster speed and bigger bodies in the NFL. If he can adjust and not get overwhelmed he has a good chance to make the roster.

Yeah I think he'll be a lock on making the roster as the lightning to Davis and Ollie

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Anyone that doesn't think this kid will contribute right away is only paying attention to his draft status and not him. He was Chris Simms 5th ranked rb in the draft. He can pass block surprisingly well and he averaged 4.1 yards after contact. He apparently had some off the field concerns though

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Posted (edited)
52 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

He will do more field than Fields or Lance in Falcons Jersey. 

Ahhh...that is supposed to be a shot because I wanted a QB. Nice. 

If you remember though, I wanted one because I thought it was the best plan for a team that has been a flat out embarrassment the past 3 seasons. I also never bashed Ryan one time, or tried to discredit what he has done as the starting QB or for the franchise. I just believe a change was needed, it did not happen, and my prediction was incorrect. That does not mean I was wrong about my assessment though, as NOTHING has been proved to the contrary and wont till a minimum of one season.

For example, we go sub .500 again next year, you already have your excuses lined up for that? Would that open the door for some who thought a rebuild was the right course, ? Of course, we can blame it on a "new system" as Ryan and Jones get another year older.

I also believe that you are what your record says you are, unlike like yourself, who likes the "excuse" method to explain and discount a 3  consecutive year problem. You can say one losing season is an anomaly, 3 straight is a pattern or trend, so enough with that nonsense.

So, time will tell. I will support all these new guys and excited to see some in action. However, I am not going to sit here an start proclaiming UDFA are going to be major factors at any point, ever.

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Chris Simms had him as his 3rd rated rb of the class make of that what you will. What I have watched of his film he is good at finding his way through holes and can be a home run hitter. Question on whether he makes the team is  does he fit special teams wise with both Patterson and Avery Williams on the team

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