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So Kyle Pitts is big strong

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1 hour ago, falcons007 said:

I am getting old. Used to do Farmers walk/jog holding 90 lb Kettle bell in each hand. My body would be on fire by the time I reached the goal line. 


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2 hours ago, A Dog Named Brian said:

That all depends on mobility/range of motion. Someone like myself who is shorter than him and has good mobility/form can safely do multiple reps from the floor no problem. 

Not with 565lbs...

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Never seen this.  When I was an athelete we did reps on everything but deadlifts.  The deadlift was a test to see if strength was improving.  We did not have anything fancy back then.  It was all barbell.  Our stops used for the bench press were engine valves.  I am not making this up.  Some well to do shop probably donated them to the school. 

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3 hours ago, falcons007 said:

Not safe to go all the way to floor when doing multiple reps. 

I thought I had put a smiley in there. Well I did, but somehow didn't take. I was just joking around. It's in there now.  : )

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