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What do you expect from Quadree Ollison in 2021?

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I honestly don't know what to think.  Really, he was kept for two reasons.  One, he was under contract on a team that didn't have any players at the time.  And two, he is a bruiser.  But really, we ha

I like what I saw from him in spot duty.  The real question will be how does Arthur Smith see his role in the offense.  He doesn't strike me as a guy who keeps players around just to see what they hav

Considering he's done nothing his 1st 2 years I'm gunna go with "not much".

The thing I like about Ollison is that he's a big man that runs like a big man. Not very athletic in the sense that he's not a freak by any means, but he seems to have good contact balance and surprising speed. The keys with him getting any playing time are blocking and pass catching. We'll know if he has a future in the next few months. I'm mildly optimistic that he could be a break through guy - it may be my Falcons' colored lenses though.

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