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Who's the better trio? Julio, Roddy and Tony G vs Julio, Ridley and Pitts?

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This question will require some speculation because we've never seen Kyle Pitts play in the NFL before. Which trio do you think is more dangerous? And why do you think so? Julio, Roddy and Tony G from 2011-2013 or Julio, Ridley and Kyle Pitts from 2021-2022 or 2023?

I think Julio, Ridley and Pitts are the more dangerous trio. Especially with Arthur Smith calling the plays instead of Dirk Koetter and Mike Malarkey. Your thoughts?

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5 minutes ago, AlabamaFalconFan said:

Arthur Smith is not a fan of player comparisons.   Pitts is a rookie and Julio is 32.  Let's allow these guys to have their own identity and not build up false expectations to the GOAT TE.

They had mediocre offensive coordinators though. Only scored 2 points against the G men and often stalled in the 2nd half in playoff games.

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Until Pitts proves himself it's no contest.

TG, HOF player. GOAT TE. Great for the team and raised the football IQ of the whole team. 

Roddy White one of the greatest Falcons ever. Embraced the Saints rivalry and bled red and black. Loved that dude. Miss his attitude and work ethic. 

Julio. Straight beast. Came into the league and balled out. 

Thats a **** of a trio. 

Julio now is older and his body cannot hold up. Ridley is a silent assassin. Great WR and route runner but is quiet compared to Roddy. 

Pitts has the potential to be great. Time will tell. He has GIGANTIC shoes to fill to even approach TG status. 

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Without seeing them play its hard to gage.  However just up front Tony G/Roddy where great for their era with the falcons we still wanted to run the ball and they were both willing blockers and physical in the red zone.  Ridley and Pitts have more finesse to their game more refined route runners which matches more of our 2016 wide open look.  Hopefully the new group gets that long awaited SB but comparing great to great is always hard.

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They have not taken single snap together. Let Pitts, Julio and Ridley play together. Roddy from 2007-2012 was the best WR not named Calvin Johnson. Roddy probably would have gotten more recognition during that time if CJ wasn’t crazy beast.

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