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Day#3 - Falcons have 2 of the top 10 picks(#108/114) today - let's build our Top 10 Board for Round#4 here

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1 hour ago, Bridgeburner said:

I don't see us picking Michael Carter,


He's a scat back. we have patterson, we need a thumper, every down type back.

Gainwell is my pick. I’ve watched film of them all and Gainwell has the most potential. Runs with great balance and can catch passes well. Michael Carter has power but he does not have long speed at all.

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13 minutes ago, Romfal said:

1. Michael Carter, RB

2. Kenneth Gainwell, RB

3. Jabril Cox, LB

4. Jamar Johnson, S

5. Tyler Shelvin, NT

6. Jay Tufele, DT

7. Wyatt Hubert, DE

8. Bobby Brown, NT

9. Tylan Wallace, WR / AmonRa St Brown WR

10. Dylan Moses, LB



my board already getting decimated...

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43 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

the good news is we know Fontenot has seen a lot of Gowan tape from two years ago as he was scouting Richie Grant - so he should be very familiar w/ Gowan - will be interesting to see if he is the pick with one of these 4th rounders.

Feels like an "either/or" to me w/ Michael Carter and Tay Gowan - don't see how we could get both.

Yeah, those are actually the two I'd like.  And then take project OL/DL etc later (that can be depth) and a couple fliers on athletic specimens.

But as you say, they may both be gone by our 2nd.

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