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Top available in the 4th? Who do you have?

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I'm not greedy here. I just want a viable starting RB and a front seven player. If the team goes DT instead of EDGE, that's not what I would do, but I trust the new regime to know how good our current linemen are. The value seems better at DT right now, and Nixon strikes me as someone who shouldn't still be there.

I've having painful flashbacks to Mike Munoz going undrafted when I read that some teams have taken Trey Smith off the board. He may be something we can snipe with our fifth rounders.

The BPA pick that would blow people's minds is Brevin Jordan. I almost hope it happens to watch the meltdown here.

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47 minutes ago, The Smart One said:

Shakur Brown and Trill Williams would be good gets at CB

St. Brown looks good at WR as well

Just got through reading about Robert Rochelle, among others.

CB Rochelle, FS Johnson, OG Trey Smith, two of those guys looks real good to me....

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Biggest needs right now are RB, Edge, CB, but don't expect us to make out picks based on need; haven't so far

Worth noting there's still some solid options at both of the latter in FA, especially at CB

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1 hour ago, Malachore said:

Hopefully a RB because it's still a weakness.

I view making a 4th round pick as adding depth, but rarely fixes a weakness. That being said, if there were any position that I felt we had the best chance with this draft would be RB

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2 hours ago, egoprime II said:

That FS Jamar Johnson could be a good get.

I believe OG Trey Smith is still available.

DT Marvin Wilson, maybe.

WR Simi Fehoko in case Julio gets traded.

RB Rhamondre Stephenson is a big back.

Might be good to find a CB, I have no idea right now who, though.

we just had about 7 corners go in the last 15 picks, I think the well is dried up there

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4 minutes ago, egoprime II said:

CB  Robert Rochelle looks good......

I'll be honest hes not on my radar but what I could find on him with some quick searches I can say hes intriguing athletically. would lean towards someone more game ready with these first two picks.

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7 hours ago, falcndave said:

I'll be honest. I wasn't familiar with of the first round guys. I'm totally clueless at this point. I'd like to see some DB/Edge help if there is any to be had...maybe a RB.

Same.  I barely know anything about the NCAA.

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