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Jalen Mayfield - Projected 1st rounder, early 2nd

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Daniel Jeremiah had him as his 35th player



Jalen Mayfield

Michigan · Interior O-line · Sophomore (RS)

Mayfield played right tackle for the Wolverines. He has a thick, square build and plays with strength and balance. In the passing game, he has average foot quickness in his set, but he does a nice job of staying square and keeping defenders off his edges. He will give a little ground versus power before dropping his weight and anchoring down. His inside hand is powerful to jolt. He stays attached once he latches on. He's very aware versus twists and blitzers in the run game. He plays with leverage, strong hands and a nasty temperament to finish. He lacks suddenness working up to the second level, but he takes excellent angles and is very effective. Overall, Mayfield doesn't have elite foot quickness, but he's very consistent on tape and looks like a Day 1 starting right tackle.

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1 minute ago, falcons007 said:

First round? Dude sounds like a project. I think I had him in 5th round in one of my mocks.

As on OT he absolutely is a project. He’s got some learning to do at OG nonetheless. 

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6 minutes ago, Dem Birds said:

Oh well that settles it then I guess. 


5 minutes ago, matty72780 said:

No offense to your mocks but this is coming from ESPN, Sports Illustrated & SB Nation - hence the links. 

From NFL.com draft profile. Good thing he doesn’t need to start right away. 


Athletic tackle with just over 1,000 college snaps to his name. He plays with alert eyes and well-balanced pass sets, but an excessive punch wind-up and lack of anchor will make it tough for him to slow NFL power rushers at this juncture. His initial quickness tends to help him more as a run blocker than in pass sets, where speed can be a problem for him from time to time. He's experienced in all run schemes, and his drive blocking should improve if he can drop the pad level and sharpen his hand placement and technique. Mayfield is tough and has upside, but he is going to need to get much stronger and play with better contact balance in order to handle the NFL bullies that are headed his way. He has starting potential, but it might take some time.


  • Highly inexperienced with 15 career starts.
  • Upper body lacks desired broadness and strength.
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1 minute ago, Mid-Nite-Toker said:

I hate analysis sometimes. One description says he's powerful another says he needs to work on strength. He's only 20 though.

That’s true but he is inexperienced with 15 starts. 

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15 minutes ago, stingbee said:

More like a solid 2nd round pick- he is perfect for fixing the running game and pass blocking for Matt Ryan

All the draft profiles say he is a project and needs to get stronger. He is young and inexperienced with upside. Falcons don’t have to rush him. He can be worthy project. 

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