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Falcons QB Trade Candidates?

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2 minutes ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

I'd say minshew would be one of them possibly. I'd be ok with this


Minshew if the Jags would send him for cheap (5th or 6th) would be a steal. Under contract for 2 years for pennies and would be a great backup option.

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Just now, ratesforless said:

Barring injuries, I seriously doubt that they'll sit Lawrence to start the season. With that being said, I don't think that they'd move Minshew that easily...

I don't think that they would give him away but if we were intent on taking a qb in the 3rd for example... Then I think a third would do it... especially since the picks are so close.

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13 minutes ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


Packers ain't trading Love.


The relationship between Rodgers and Packers may not be fixable at this point. 

It might actually appease Rodgers to trade his competition. 

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They were discussing this last night and that Urban Meyer had said that after the Alex Smith experience (who he coached in college), he would never just start a QB raw in the NFL and just throw him out there.  Talked about how Smith was getting beat up every week and it wasnt fair to any QB to start him in the NFL first week out.

I am sure if he has discussed this in the media, the Jags know where he stands on the issue.  I wouldnt be surprised, or dissappointed, if TLaw waited a couple of games, maybe even half season before he starts.  

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Minshew is probably the best trade option that would come relatively cheap.  He would at least provide a proven commodity as a backup as opposed to going with Mills, Mond, Newman, Ehrling, Franks, or Trask (who will probably go sooner than the rest) that may not be ready if we (God forbid) need to call on them to step in for a few games.  

I still think we take one of the above rookies in the draft, but it would make me nervous to know we would be one freak injury away from having a later round QB step in as our starter if we don't bring in a veteran like Minshew.

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