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Saints Fans Not Happy With Their Pick

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4 minutes ago, irrevelantfalconsfan said:

I'm swimming in a mixture of Panthers and Saints tears.




JFC man, your sides and jawbone must be hurting too? :lol: Tears and laughter at the same time is a good thing when it involves the swamp gutter rats, I stole that from someone last night. 

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3 minutes ago, Precyse said:

I love how they made a thread about us drafting Pitts, but made no threads about Tampa or Carolina. I love the hate 🥰 

It does warm the soul even seeing them realizing Pitts will be a nightmare for them to deal with. 

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8 hours ago, Herr Doktor said:

Again, this is the case of "NFL teams grade players differently than the fans."  Who knows.  

That's still a helluva reach though. Turner literally had one of the latest surges, and became a 1st round pick. Rousseau would've been a much better choice. Tryon was a better player for the type of player they both are, and went 32. Oweh had more upside. Basham was still available. Turner really is a 3rd round talent. You could've took him in round 2, and got a better talent in the 1st.

I mean it's the Saints, so who cares, but I think the fans have a right to be a lil upset on that one. Then again, Leatherwood and Toney went in the first too, so, yeah. lol

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