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Levi Onwuzurike at 35? A source says maybe!

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3 minutes ago, falconsFTW said:

Would love to see him next to Grady but would that mean for Marlon Davidson?  either he moves to DE or he doesn't get to play many snaps

We’ve got Grady at the 4i and currently have Davidson and Cominsky as the 5Ts on the right and left sides. Neither Davidson nor Cominsky are Pees’ additions and he’s typically shown interest in having his IDL personnel fit identically to what he prefers.. my guess is Onwuzurike would play mostly 5T and rotate with Grady at the 4i. Davidson and Cominsky to get pushed down in a snap rotation. Would play 3T in 4-3.

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I have largely paused my expectations in favor of just seeing what this staff deems to be important.  Pitts at #4 was too easy...this second pick will tell me much more.  Levi looks like a good player but there is some serious talent / eye candy on the board going into tonight.   JOK, J Williams, Moehrig, Barmore, Jenkins, Ojulari ... even a couple of centers is they aren't infatuated with Hennessey.  Mond, Mills and Trask all are in play as well.

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Yeah I don’t get it. Okay if we are to three man front Grady and Marlon are prototypes for your ends and this would just be extra depth with cominsky. We don’t have a true nose tackle so wouldn’t barmore fit the bill better. Plus lots of safety, guard edge and corners on the board as well. I must be missing something if this was the case

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