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Moehrig, Humphrey, Williams

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3 minutes ago, Lornoth said:

Moehrig’s my dream, but I’d be really ok with JOK, Williams, Dickerson, or even Barmore. We could trade back if the opportunity is there too. I really like the way the first round went for us. 

Moehrig is the FS we have needed for over a decade.

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3 minutes ago, GleasonForever! said:

Ojilari. Bring the Georgia boy home. 

I believe he was diagnosed as having a degenerative lower leg condition.  It was a very recent thing.

If true, I wouldn't touch him until the 5th round, if then.

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Ojulari is sliding because he has a degenerative leg condition (probably his knee). Could be good value if his medicals check out

Moehrig would be a slam dunk if he makes it to our pick (watch them Jags)

JOK is a top 20 player but a bit of a tweener. Could defo play safety but obviously a huge unknown there.

Barmore, Humphrey and Dickerson not sexy picks but it's always good to build from the trenches.

Some great value to be had; shy of a trade down, I'm not sure that first round could have gone any better for us.

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LB/S Hybrid

1) Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Notre Dame

And the crown for top linebacker of the 2021 NFL Draft class goes to Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. It was close between him and Parsons on PFN’s Top 300 Consensus Board. JOK had an average ranking of 11.4, while Parsons had an average ranking of 13.0.

The difference ended up being each prospect’s floor. Parsons’ lowest ranking was 21, while JOK’s lowest ranking was 17. JOK also received the highest overall ranking for any linebacker — from Dalton Miller, who ranked him seventh overall.

On tape, it’s easy to see why Owusu-Koramoah was so universally respected on the PFN Top 300 Consensus Board. The Notre Dame linebacker has a fiery attitude on the field, and he might have the fastest play pace of all the linebackers in this draft class. He can blanket tight ends in man coverage, and he has the explosiveness, fluidity, and instincts to man the slot or even rotate back to safety.

In run defense, JOK isn’t quite as dominant, but he still displays a hard-hitting mentality and reliable tackling ability. His three-down potential might be a bit of a question among NFL teams picking in Round 1, but Owusu-Koramoah weighed in at 221 pounds at his pro day. If he can stay over 220, his size will match up better against NFL-caliber playmakers. Additionally, JOK’s pure aggression, lightning-quick processing skills, and desire to disrupt will translate even better to the next level.

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