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All I Want For My Birthday Is Kyle Pitts!

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1 hour ago, Slimm said:

Today is my birthday and my celebration is take out Thai food, some brews and the draft.  Man I hope we pick Pitts.


You are all invited to my birthday party!

PM me the address, it's okay, I'm a safe ol' grandpa. 

I hope your wish comes true and enjoy your day. 

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5 minutes ago, Falcons_Frenzy said:

Happy Birthday. Glad you specified you wanted him on the team. My first thought was you were going to want him to jump out of a cake and keep him all to yourself. 😂

Every time I think of girls jumping out of a cake, I remember Erika Eleniak in Under Siege. Yowza!

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I am on team Trade-Back but if we ain't getting any good deals, Kyle Pitts is the pick that:

  1. Allows us to win now.
  2. Won't be sitting on the bench for a couple years.
  3. Will be the talk of the town with a nasty 12 Personnel grouping on the field.  Julio, Cal, Kyle and Hayden with Davis (or a capable rookie RB like Javonte Williams) in the backfield sounds kinda good to me.
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