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Sounds like you got started early on the miller lights.

I'm not a fan of picking any player at #4 who didn't play a snap last season. 

Just want to get out in front of this draft, though 98.6% of you will disagree. I'm ready to shout from the rooftops "I told you so!" The rumor mill with Julio on the block only solidifies my cas

6 hours ago, Mister pudding said:

Dude, it's super easy (the sauce). Just a bottle of Franks Red Hot sauce, a whole stick of butter, and garlic powder in a sauce pan. Fry your wings and coat with the sauce. Super easy

try this on the grill, heat it up to around 375, put the wings on unsauced for 15 minutes, *turn them every five minutes* after 15 minutes, repeat the process, only this time, every time you turn them, sauce them. 


same recipe for the sauce, just grilled instead of fried. You can thank me later

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