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Moreau may not have the experience as Harmon, but like Harmon Moreau has shown in his limited opportunities he can make plays late in the fourth quarter or just before the end of half. I love TF bringing in play makers who may be overlooked by other teams. 

Moreau had a great combine in 2017, one of the fastest 40 yard dash, great vertical and 3 cone timing. He was projected to go in late first or 2 second round. He tore his pectoral muscle during the bench press and dropped to third round. Moreau got his chance in 2018 when Gruden was fired and Bill Callahan took over. After a very good 2019 he was buried under the depth chart when Ron Rivera took over. He is young, and has shown he can play when given a chance. He is tall, big and fast CB with all the tools. Can play slot and on the outside. 



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He is the exact type of free agent TF earned his reputation by finding in free agency.  Guys who either never really got much of a chance where they were or were undervalued because they were stuck playing on bad units before being brought in and allowed to thrive.  

Davis, Moreau and Harmon all spent a lot of time as depth but have shown well when called upon.   I think all 3 of a big impact on next season.

Patterson, Lee, and Harris are all good role players.

Bullard has a lot of untapped potential and Mingo and Copeland are good, solid veteran depth who could do some spot starting if necessary.  

I'm really liking what TF and crew have done so far... and we haven't even hit the draft or picked through the post-draft/pre-season veteran cast offs yet.  I foresee at least a few more impactful vets being plucked off the trash heap as we get closer to the season.. and thankfully that is exactly where TF shines.  


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30 minutes ago, Mister pudding said:

From what I see of this guy, it still baffles me why he didn't warrant more playing time and that he came as cheap as he did

Injury before the draft in rookie year, coaching changes on dysfunctional team. Rivera had other CB last year and he was buried on the depth chart. It’s crazy to think he has 6 Interception, 3 FF in 18 starts. Hope it will be one of those value signings. 

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3 hours ago, bigjmw84 said:

Will he be our #2 or slot guy? If healthy he could be a re-sign candidate in 2022

I want to say as of now he is #2 both sheffield and I know ppl hate him but Oliver both play allot better in the slot rather then outside. Although in a Cover 2 style D rather then cover 3 who knows

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