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Did you notice that Kyle Shanahan traded up to 3 right after Matt Ryan and the Falcons restructured his contract?

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4 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

Just found this out about an hour ago and literally you are right.  I was talking to my neighbor (a sports writer) and we were discussing the Falcons draft and I mentioned our new HC and he said he covered him as a high schooler at Georgetown Prep in Bethesda Maryland.  Said he was a goofy rich kid (son of the FEDEX founder) and a jokester, didn't take things seriously, and he was just an odd duck.  He said his career petered out at UNC after some injuries.  

Man, your post and my conversation with my neighbor is perfect timing. 

Just for context, I'm probably less than 20 minutes from you in Chantilly.

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1 hour ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

I bet Kyle Shanahan was hoping Matt Ryan would get traded by the Falcons after 2021 but he realizes that most likely Matt will be in Atlanta at least 2 more years. I'm sure Kyle Shanahan would have loved to have Matt Ryan back.

I more noticed that when it became a certainty that the Jets were taking Wilson, THAT is when Shanny moved up.

And because he went to 3, it tells me he’s picking Fields.

He could have had Jones at 4, 5, or even maybe as late as 8.  But I believe Fields is still probably the #2 QB on virtually every board not the Jets.

The whole “last in the building, first to leave” stuff just isn’t true. Nobody has corroborated or agreed with that claim. All you have to do is watch him on QB1, Path to the Draft, and whatever that draft docu-series is on ESPN, and then listen to OSU coaches. Fields is all football.

I still can’t believe how dumb the Jets are. The chance of Wilson being mediocre or even a total bust is so much greater than Fields. And Mac Jones is a game manager. Purely a system QB with accuracy surrounded by uber elite talent that made him look exceptional.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still really good, but he has to try much harder to be good than Fields does.

I could certainly be off base, but my gut is telling me Shannahan jumped because he realized he could get Fields at #3.

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I think Matt is playing for the 49ers next year. Alex Mack is already there and the Falcons O Line isn't getting better any time soon. I think the 49ers will take the best RB on the board with that pick, hold him until after June 1st and trade him to the Falcons for Matt Ryan with a couple of late round picks thrown in for good measure.  Matt Ryan can do what no QB in this draft class can do, win the 49ers a championship next season.  He loves Shanahan and his center is already there. Plus he'll be in the same division as his buddy Matt Stafford. All pluses. The birds get a mobile QB and the best RB in the draft. FYI Matt sold his house back in January. So I think his time is up in the ATL.

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