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Cleaning up on Day 2 Mock

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So I went with a trade down approach to the draft. This team still needs more bodies to fill out and add depth. Also went away from what many would consider BPA, and added a little bit of needs based in there. High upside played a part too. All in all, we get some good young pieces to work with and at a cheap price to add.

I'm super high on Rousseau, and he might be viewed as a 2nd round guy a lot, but I just can't ignore the size, athleticism, and 2019 production he has. I just made a thread about him, and edge was still lacking. Plus, we could use Rousseaus versatility. Feels like a steal in the middle of the first.

Cisco is probably the purest ball-hawking safety in the draft. Injury kept him out of 2020, but the kid can track a ball from just about anywhere. With Harmon on the roster, he would give Cisco a chance to learn from him, and also serve as a 1 year stop gap to allow Cisco to take over full time when he's gone.

Switching to a 3-4 look, we really don't have that interior anchor at NT. I went back and forth between taking Mcniel/Hubbard or Javonte Williams/ Tyler Shelvin. Ultimately, I chose the more complete NT over RB since we had Mike Davis and Patterson on the roster already. Alim Mcniel can play 0, 1, and 3. He can control the interior and get push into the backfield. Even offers some pass rush ability next to a guy like Grady. He gets good extension when stacking and shedding O lineman. Just another high upside guy that fills a need.

Tyson Campbell is tall, long CB that has plenty of speed. Would fit nicely on the other side of AJ. Smooth feet, and a quick twitch guy. Athleticism is very good in general. Still needs some coaching to become more consistent with his skills, but he's got the tools to play on the outside. Considered Stokes here as well, but just didn't know if Campbell would be the guy we would regret missing on.

Going back to edge, Sample looked good at the senior bowl in 1 on 1's. Another guy with versatility, and can slide inside or play on the edge. Probably more suited on the edge. He's quick off the edge, and plays with a motor to boot. Likely to be a good rotational piece at the least. 

At some point in the draft, I see taking a IOL will happen, and Cleveland would be a good addition. The bigger named guys were gone around this time of course, but Cleveland has the ability to be just as good. With AS here, I could see him pushing for a starting spot as early as this year with his experience in college. 

Tommy Tremble. Probably a guy that's going to be overlooked by most since he wasn't the primary TE at ND. Someone had a thread on him recently, and there was a mention of cutting Keith Smith and letting Tremble play as an H back. May be one of the best blocking TE's in the draft, and he's not bad catching the ball either. AS will probably love him in 2 and 3 TE sets with Hurst.

Going back to the Mcniel pick, Would be nice to have a young RB on the roster, and with Davis/Patterson on the roster, it helped with taking Mcniel over Williams, but I think Hubbard's speed/explosiveness would be a good addition out of the backfield. I miss having threats like Norwood, Smith, and Coleman. Patterson is going to be that guy this year, but he's only signed to a 1 year deal, and essentially Hubbard can take over Pattersons role. May even become the lead back at some point if he works on his pass pro.

Fehoko rounds out my draft, and with his size and speed, and some great catches in the mix, he would be solid depth to have, and in the event we move on from any of our WR any time soon, Fehoko could move up the charts with his ability.

Mock Draft.png

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I respect the effort and passion, but I simply do not like this mock. Roussseau is athletic but not big and does not get off blocks very well.  

Cisco is talented, but undisciplined.  I would take him later in the draft in hopes that the experienced starters on the roster can show him how to succeed in the NFL.

McNeil has a nice first step but not much after that.  

Campbell is an interesting choice.  He has the physical tools and could very well succeed in a zone coverage scheme.  I like the pick.

I don't know much about Sample. I will assume he is a good developmental guy.

Cleveland is a failure in a Zone Blocking system, which I believe is going to be our scheme.

Tremble is just another guy.  He is an excellent blocker, which we already have in abundance.  We can hope that his receiving skills will improve, but his route running will take a long time to develop....IF.

Hubbard and Fehoko are good late round picks.  


All in all, I like thinking outside the box, but I don't think the choices will render much in TF's first haul.  And of course, not getting at least a future first round choice is simply not enough compensation to drop down that far.   

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