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Holy crap Panthers fans hate Bridgewater


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With all the hate towards Ryan, I thought he was possibly the most hated QB for no reason. After going on Panthers forums, however...


Boy was I wrong.


Living in NC, all I've really heard was praise for Bridgewater.


I guess not all CAR fans share that opinion.


They HATE him with a PASSION.


Some quotes-

"Thanks. That doesn’t really surprise me. I don’t think Teddy is the great guy and consummate professional that the media makes him out to be."


"Meh, he’s the one that poisoned the season. Can’t complain when he suffers the toxicity as well. This was the least enjoyable Panthers season to me in team history."


"Teddy just sank the energy out of games. Sometimes the dink and dunk guys are tainted by bad OLs but that’s who Teddy is and it made games painful to watch. He just doesn’t command games and can’t press the gas."



ea, I have no sympathy for him at all.  He got incredibly overpaid to underperform.


As of now, he is still an employee of the team and will still be paid millions by the team.  I'd expect him to remain professional even if he his feelings are hurt.   That doesn't mean go out of his way to call Darnold but if he is still on the roster during OTAs, I expect him to assist."




And I thought Ryan haters were bad...

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The criticism for him (outside of the character attacks, I think those are off-base) are actually warranted, though. THe criticisms Ryan faces are either that he sucks (wholly untrue) or that he's older and will need to be replaced soon (I'm closer to this camp).

Bridgewater is a checkdown king, no amount of weapons will change that IMO. Premier backup QB but that's all.

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