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Seeing Pass The Trauma


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When Terry Fontenot first started to sign free agents I didn’t like what I was seeing. I didn’t like the first few guys he brought in. I didn’t understand why he chose the players he did. After watching the moves he’s made and seeing how the players fit a specific blueprint I love what he’s doing.

The way he’s putting this team together, getting these restructures done and not hesitating to release the players that don’t fit Arthur Smith’s vision is the exact opposite of what I’m used to seeing with this team. Which is why I didn’t understand Fontenot’s moves in the beginning . There are a lot of us that are still traumatized by the Falcons old ways of doing things. Lol

Fontenot chooses guys with recent production over big names. He has an eye for talent and apparently guys want to play for Smith judging from the contracts we were able to get a few of these guys on. That’s a welcome change. If these are the moves Fontenot can pull off with tight Cap space I can’t wait to see what happens when we actually have some money to work with. 

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