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Not sure Miami would actually do this, but this is finally a trade down scenario that I could be fully onboard with.  At 6, you still have a shot at one of the four best non-QB prospects (Pitts, Sewell, Chase or Surtain) and at least one QB will still be there.  I would trade down with Miami or Detroit if they were willing to pay the right price.

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Very little thought into that mock. The Dolphins are locked in to 6. They want Chase, Pitts or Smith/Waddle. That's why they moved up to 6 after trading back to 12. They have no chance of all 3 of those guys being gone at 6. They might have a preference, but there's not a big enough production difference to them to give up a draft pick to move up. Worst case scenario is that 2 out of the 3 are gone.

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This is the worst mock I've seen yet.

Miami already has Gesicki and Smythe, which is 9 TD’s and almost 1k yards between them, while at WR they only have Parker and Fuller with nobody behind them.

I would understand if they picked Pitts at 6 if he were still there, but spending that much to move up for someone they don’t really need, when they can stay at 6 and get their choice of Chase/Smith/Waddle and fill that 3rd receiver void with a clear heir-apparent to Parker.

Not to mention, if we’re dead set on Lance, who’s to say Cincy doesn't trade back and someone leapfrogs us to snag him?

Or, if we picked Lance at 4, Miami is that certain Pitts would be taken at 5??  They’re so enamored with Pitts they have to spend capital rather than pick one of 3 amazing WR’s?

That just makes no sense. How the he!! Is Kiper still in this business? He’s awful at this stuff. Every year he’s nowhere close to accurate.

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