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ESPN (unreliable source) on Falcons draft.

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31 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

No matter what we do or what we don't do, people are going to say we were wrong. Then these same pundit might come back years later and say we were right, and that they called it. I love the advent of video tape, because we can call out their BS. 

This describes **** near everybody on these boards.

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Believe it or not guys, the moment Bill Parcelle called Spears to let him know the Cowboys drafted him went like this...

Spears: Hey coach (family around him)

Parcelle: We're gonna have to work on your weight

Spears: Ok

No congratulations/are you ready to play?/ etc.  Just ripped the band-aid off right there as an introduction to the Cowboys. Still one of my favorite draft moments.

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It's cute that you keep putting "unreliable source" in your post titles, but you're missing the point.  Rumors filtered through ESPN, or La Canfora, or Peter King, or whomever, are still rumors.

ESPN is reliable.  But you have to look at who is saying what.  The only people whose decisions matter are Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith.  If a source isn't quoting them, then it is simply repeating speculation and hearsay.

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2 hours ago, Absolute said:

They act like the only good QBs in the league MUST come out of the top five. 

Last time I checked, the current top five QBs from last season where mostly mid first or later picks! 

Plus, there will be QBs next year, the year after that, the year after that AND the year after that, after that! 

No reason not to draft BFPA at four.

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