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No they aren't doing this lol

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Just now, dodge_birds_fan said:

Apparently it's about him coaching his sons 6th grade team while suspended....

What do you mean you kids don't got no Vicodin? What the **** do they teach you in school. Look Timmy get daddy some pills. Then I will pay you kids in candy to take out the other kids. Aim for the knees!

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1 hour ago, direwolf said:

Are... are they really making what I assume (based on Kevin James being involved) will be a feel-good family film about what Payton got up to while being SUSPENDED FOR PAYING HIS PLAYERS TO HURT OTHER PLAYERS?!?!

What the ****?

They are going to brush over the bountygate headhuntingand make Goodell the villian since Payton is the one who revised the script

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