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Possible out on Matt Contract *IF* we go QB

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8 minutes ago, NorthGaBoy said:

I agree except for the last paragraph.  If you took that hit this year, we could not sign those players. 

Naw... We would have had to extend Grady (which i still think we will) and we would have had to add a fake year or 2 on Julio contract but guarantee 2022


I didnt want to go thru saying all that lol.. Wanted to just point out this year would have been the year if we truly wanted to go full force with a rookie QB.... Now if they truly love one of these QBs grab him and figure the rest out but i think we go best player (that best player actually fits what coach smith likes to do) if a trade doesnt happen

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16 hours ago, Falconcheff said:

So, I've been thinking about what Brees did for the Saints, and I think it would work for a trade scenario as well...maybe some of you cap experts can weigh in...



IS IT POSSIBLE to renegotiate a contract to convert DEAD MONEY into CURRENT SALARY?


Let's say, for instance, you have an interested team with a lot of current cap space. Let's say Ryan's salary is 12 Mil and dead cap hit is 20Mil...Could you take 20 Mil of Dead Cap money and convert it into salary, making his salary 32Mil and negating 20Mil in dead hit?  It works for Ryan because he obviously then gets a huge pay raise; and it works for the team in lowering his dead cap hit for a trade. The team trading FOR him would have to have the cap space for 32Mil (which would obviously have to be fully guaranteed for Ryan to accept the deal)...


Just a thought...

That’s not how cap works. Restructuring Ryan shows Falcons decided to roll with Ryan next two years barring a major collapse or injury issues. Folks need to Deal with it. Lol. 

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I knew somebody was going to misinterpret my post...Just to say, I only asked a question about cap manipulation.  I'm well on record with saying I believe Matt is the right qb for the next few years and I would be extremely upset if we wasted our pick on a qb. I'm all-in on Matt Ryan...

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