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NFL Draft Rumor: Washington may “unload all their picks” for Trey Lance

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https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2021/4/9/22375793/nfl-draft-rumor-washington-may-unload-all-their-picks-for-trey-lance-falcons-quarterback Three weeks until the NFL draft and we still have no idea

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Not that impressed with this draft , prolly one reason this could happen , but they are so stacked on def they can have some picks back for one of those def ends , I'm.sick if this **** we need a pass rush

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6 hours ago, Macintez said:

I can assure you that Washington won’t  lose this trade a second time. Their defense is super legit and they will definitely be in the playoff race.

I’d roll the dice on Trey Lance, a rookie a year removed from football, not being the answer to improve their 6-10 record in a lousy division.

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17 hours ago, dirtybird2k5 said:

If we drop to 19 we could pick up Etienne or Harris with that and go defense with the rest of the haul.

Plus we are trying to get money off the books for the next few years, a number 4 pick is going to cost a lot more than a 19.

Yep.  I’d def. take Harris at 19 if he’s there.  With the NE trade mock I’d take him at 15.  

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On 4/9/2021 at 1:51 PM, ryanvalz said:

If we get all of the Redskins draft picks and next years first...... HOLY look out!  I would do it in a heart beat.  

Sign me up bro. I’ve been on the trade down and rape somebody, or take Sewell at four train since day one. I still think that’s our best course of action.

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