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I found this interesting on Skip and Shannon

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On 4/8/2021 at 7:31 PM, takeitdown said:

If we traded down to 19, we could always trade back up to 13 or so if we needed to and it wouldn't cost that much.

Gain a ton of picks to move to 19, trade one 2nd or 3rd rounder to move up to 13 or so and take one of the defensive or OL BPA.

If we did that plus had Chase Young? Add in BPA in a slight move up? Sign me up. Defense might start to have some teeth again by end of this draft and we got future capital? Dude. Done and done. If Chase Young was available at 4 this year, you do it. This way, we get him, a mid 1st rounder as well? And MORE capital by moving down?

I’m high on this delusion. Do it.

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Give me those future first rounders all day long

Even for those who don’t like Ryan, you have to admit the thought of having him plus 5-7 additional draft picks is still enticing 

hey snyder, how bad you want it?

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