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Schefter: Falcons have received call and are open to moving 4thpick

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Hoping that the multiple teams part is accurate so it creates a bidding war.

I fully expect a trade out of 4 before the draft happens. Would not be surprised if it happened soon since teams know a QB is going 1-3.

Agree. The Falcons have the leverage in this situation. No reason to make a trade before the draft and erase the chance to make a better deal with teams under the pressure of the clock on draft day.

8 hours ago, Caddieman said:

It kills me when people start talking about trading down and getting some stud defender with the trade! WE DON’T HAVE THE CAP SPACE!!! We have just enough cap space to sign rookies and UDFA! So stop with the “If we can get him” We can’t 

It can work if it’s for a guy still on his rookie wage (I.e Sweat or Chubb). Space can always be made to get an A grade player in on a rookie wage

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