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Falcons lose potential trade down partner (Panthers trade for Sam Darnold)

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Never any real chance we were giving the Panthers our pick anyway. Just makes our options that much clearer.    Good deal for the Panthers.

We were never trading down with Carolina

The Jets are, well, the Jets for ditching him so early. It won’t surprise  at all if he has a long career in Carolina.     

10 minutes ago, Dr Long Shot said:

Darnold didn't look bad at all the first few games, but that Jets team was a dumpster fire and the lack of development could easily be attributed to that. A change of scenary could turn him around, he's still a baby. 

I agree he didn’t look bad, but in three years has he ever looked good?  I don’t watch the Jets often, I am genuinely asking.  I have just seen him look pretty meh in the games I have watched.

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Just now, Romfal said:

We did not lose a trade down partner, what we did lose though is someone teams would want to jump over to get a QB, now the team to beat for a QB is the Broncos, so if you can get in at 7 it will be cheaper than getting in at 4...

I wouldn't rule the lions out at all. Goff was a salary dump, nothing more nothing less. I highly doubt they think he's their future



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13 minutes ago, celtiksage said:

I don't think so. So far, he's likely to miss multiple games a year, make bad decisions and cough up the ball when we hit him. Sounds like two wins to me.

I mean I'm totally stoked about this. Who would you rather face? Fields, Lance, even Mac Jones or.... Darnold? This is a no brainer right here.

See? If you keep the pressure on them long enough, they'll fold like a cheap deck of cards.

Or.... it's a feint. Now they're hoping Lance or Fields will fall to them and bam. Suckahs!! 😳😳

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44 minutes ago, PriMeTiiMe said:

Yep. And Bengals have their eyes on Chase, Pitts and Sewell. I don’t see either Cincy or Miami Trading down from their current spots. One of the other 2 spots are The backbreakers for Carolina getting a QB (Either our spot or Detroit)

to add to this, Cinci never trades down period, this is very well documented over a ridiculos timeframe that the owner likes to pick where they get slotted. I assume Miami is going to pick at 6 now that they traded up so the trade down scenarios are us at 4 or Panthers at 7. Sadly panthers will be a lot cheaper to work with for likely the same player. 

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The problem now is teams know that Carolina probably won't take a QB with their 1st round pick so Denver has no incentive to move up since it will be unlikely anyone will take a QB after the Falcons regardless of who the Falcons pick. Of course someone could take a QB anyways but by then it will be too late unless the Falcons do a pick and trade.

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1 minute ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

You mean the 49ers are going to pass over wonder boy? Why would they do that??

Lance fits what they’re trying to do better plus all the smoke about Jones and Fields plus no mention of Lance screams Lance 

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27 minutes ago, TheTrue7 said:

So a QB needy team chose to trade for Darnold instead of drafting a “generational franchise QB”? 

maybe this class isn’t all it’s made out to be?

Especially since they made the trade before even seeing if a QB or 2 fell to them at 8.

then again, some will argue it’s because CAR knew QBs were going in the first 4 picks (Fieldy to Atlantie) and likely all 5 before 8...

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30 minutes ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

And if a team thinks they need to jump the lions they have to either call us or the Bengals. Miami traded back up to pick 6 so I don't think they would be moving back down. And like you said cincy never trades down so that leaves us



here I disagree a bit, though I suppose Panthers could still be inclined take a QB if only 3 of them go top 6 instead of trading down.

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8 hours ago, Rings said:

I guess my thing on this what has Darnold shown so far to be worthy of a trade?  From the same draft class Baker had offensive coaching staff made up of Hue Jackson and Freddie Kitchens and showed a ton of good things.  Josh Allen’s first year he didn’t have a ton of weapons but showed a lot of promise as well if he could get fumbles under control.  Both teams surrounded him with talent and now both are playoff teams.  My question is, has Darnold even shown that potential yet regardless of the Jets coaches being horrible and talent around them being not great.  

Just to chime in on this, I'd say Darnold hasn't had nearly the talent/coaching those other two have had. From O line to WR to RB, and I'd go a step further in saying his coaching might be the worst. Year 1 Buffalo was the year they bit the bullet and just took whatever hits to the cap, so they could come back year 2, and build with a ton of cap space. Which they did. Cleveland at least had the talent in place, despite lackluster coaching initially.

Hard to showcase much of anything when you don't have talent nor coaching to help you. I mean that O line has been porous before Darnold got there. Receiving core hasn't had a true #1 threat in it in ages. Run game always has been meh.

I mean I get it, maybe he still should have been able to show more promise despite the disparity in talent and coaching, but I think the guy still has the talent he once showed at USC. Carolina feels the same way, and with guys like Rhule and Brady, I could see Darnold at least show that talent his 1st year, and grow from there.

Could we be holding on to ghosts of the past? Sure. With that said, what much does it matter though when Bridgewater doesn't have the ceiling that Darnold does? Darnold is still only 23, which is a year older than Mac Jones.

Bridgewater is what he is, and I think the Panthers feel they don't have the time to wait another year to find a young stud in the draft, or would rather spend less capital and still get a young talented guy.

Let's be honest, they didn't spend a lot either for him. For a 23 year old QB with upside, they basically traded up from the 2nd round using a 4th to get Darnold. The 6th is more like fodder(incentive) being added to make it look prettier. The only downside is, they get less years to play with, but if he shines, then they're not even worried because well, they found their future at QB.


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