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Falcons lose potential trade down partner (Panthers trade for Sam Darnold)

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Never any real chance we were giving the Panthers our pick anyway. Just makes our options that much clearer.    Good deal for the Panthers.

We were never trading down with Carolina

The Jets are, well, the Jets for ditching him so early. It won’t surprise  at all if he has a long career in Carolina.     

Realistically we’re we ever going to trade down with a division rival.

I don’t think we lost too much.

Im still questioning teams wanting to come up for potentially the 4th best guy.

I wish the Niners had made that trade with us 3 was the spot to get too as you’d have no doubt 2 guys in mind.

The Pitts pick is really grabbing traction now for me.

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Yeah, despite what some TATF posters wanted to say, we likely were never trading with Carolina anyway.

We likely didn't want to give a rival a choice of their QB without making them give up the farm, and Carolina likely didn't want to give that much ammunition in terms of picks to one of their rivals. It was a catch 22.

****, if anything, this could signal that someone already has a deal in place with us, and Carolina didn't want to match or top their offer; guess we'll see

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3 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

That makes it a bit trickier for us to trade down imo.

There are still a few qb needy teams...but then that means going down outside if the top 10 if the trade is not with Denver.


The plus side on going down further is....the further we go....the more we get in return.

If Denver likes Lance or Fields( providing Jones go #3) all they have to do is wait and see what we do at four and trade back with CIN, MIA or DET and give up less compensation to trade up for a QB. 

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Just now, quickzero said:

I'm sure.

Higher ceiling maybe, but I feel like this is a holding onto what they thought he was gonna be out of college and ignoring what he has done in NFL.  This is “the Jets are a dumpster fire and we are assuming everything he does bad is their fault.” Which may be 100% accurate, who knows.  Will be interesting to see.  Just surprised everyone is thinking this is a big upgrade when he hasn’t played well at all.  You could make the case last year Teddy was the better QB.

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