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April 2021 Recruiting Thread

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33 minutes ago, Brewyerown said:


Was just about to post this - great get for the Dawgs!

Tykee gotta earn it though.  We already have some young studs that just don’t have the experience.

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9 hours ago, Dawgfanbrock said:

Play star and S? Wonder if he will get in runs a true cb 

are we going after cu’s Kendrick?

wr in the portal? Got two scholarships left unless he plans on giving to wo 

Will likely play star majority of the time and S as a backup or certain packages. 

Kendrick is looking less likely with the trouble he got in. 

look for us to try to get at least one more DB and yes a WR if they fit. We will only take guys would will make immediate impact 

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3 hours ago, Dawgfanbrock said:

J. Holloman back in the portal? No chance we’d take him would we? He’d be immediately impactful for sure. 

I don’t think we can because of SEC policy on domestic violence transfer rule but even if we could I don’t think he meets the criteria 

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3 hours ago, 95Dawg said:

Gunner = yep

Morrissette = looks like it

Delp = rumored in the lead

Kojo = come on and join these guys from your 7v7 team and be a Dawg

Feel great about those top 3 but Kojo for whatever reason I simply don’t. 

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