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Per DLed team has had zoom meeting with Sewell and expected at his Pro Day

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Smart move. Due diligence and make as many teams worry that we might draft whatever player they want as possible. Drives the value of our pick way up. Hopefully somebody panics and gives us a ransom of picks and we can still get Pitts (preferably) or another top flight player along with multiple extra picks. 

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9 minutes ago, Macintez said:

I’ve been screaming about Pitts but I have no problem with this pick either.

Get the player that will absolutely make a day one impact... DAY 1!

Pretty rare statistically that a TE makes a big impact day 1. It has happened of course (Gronk, Kelce, Shockey most recent examples) but for some reason it’s not the norm for TEs...not sure why, but it is

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1 minute ago, Macintez said:

Pitts, with a head coach that features a TE may be the exception. I would rather let AS determine that.

Yeah, agree he could. He is an intriguing prospect for sure. You got me mid edit, didn’t mean to make it look like a Pitts dig.

I will support whoever we take...even Fields. It’s his fanboys that are gonna make rooting for Fields difficult 😂 

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