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Falcons acquire No. 1 overall pick from Jaguars; Jaguars get No. 4, No. 35, 2022 No. 1, and former MVP QB - Matt Ryan 

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Falcons acquire No. 1 overall pick from Jaguars; Jaguars get No. 4, No. 35, 2022 No. 1, and Matt Ryan 

Published: Mar 31, 2021 at 22:19 PM


Nick Shook

Around The NFL Writer


The Atlanta Falcons have traded up from the 4th overall pick to the first overall in a league-shaking trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported late Wednesday evening. Jacksonville receives the 4th overall selection from Atlanta, the 35th overall selection, a 2022 first-round pick and former MVP QB Matt Ryan, per Rapoport. The Falcons are presumed to be selecting Clemson QB - Trevor Lawrence.

The trade, which Atlanta announced late Wednesday, for the No. 1 overall pick can have massive ramifications on the outlook of the league at quarterback. NFL Network's Steve Wyche reported Friday that Falcons coach Arthur Smith told him Matt Ryan remained in the team's plans until a conversation with Ryan late in the day on Tuesday, which Rapoport added was heated and ended with a formal demand for a trade by Ryan and his agent.

"We've spent plenty of time and digital space wringing our hands over the future of Ryan, which includes wondering if he'll be able to be healthy beyond 2021 at his age," said Terry Fontenot, Atlanta's new GM. In conversation about his future health, Ryan is said to have lost his temper, pointing to an overall exemplary bill of health for the entirety of his career. People close to the situation, who would prefer not to be named, claim that "the new regime lost Ryan when they questioned his ability to stay healthy when he has proven that for more than a decade." 

Details on this story are still coming to light, but it has been confirmed by league sources that the trade has been submitted for league approval. We will keep you posted as we learn more. 
































































April Fools :)

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This hit all the bases...desire to trade away Ryan, with digs at him to support it. Well done 👍 

TBH, it wouldn’t be a bad deal for Jags though if Meyer loved Fields over TLaw as some have claimed. They would still be able to draft the elite player at 4....then still land Fields at 25. And they would have Ryan to hold down the fort for 2 years while Fields adapted to NFL level competition. 🤪


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