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I'm givin up kloughhbin'


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chaboi aint NEVER givin' up kloughhbin!  in fakt me n muh boi, Tony LoBionco r hittin' tha kloughhb thiz very nite!!! n we aint even got no curfew!!!
we r gonna be fizt pumpin' hard n prolly'll and up 69n wit lik a bakerz dozen worth of fly honiez!  Hope u all had a fly Tan History Month!  

wish us luck!
cha boi,
#Garrow #Kloughhbin4lyfe #FiztPump #69n


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18 hours ago, NightPain said:

An inspiration and roll model for many proud americanzz. It’s a tough road to follow with an idol like you but I keep trying. 

preesh, fam!  
wit gr8 power komez gr8 rezponzibilitiez, no?  
sometimez i feel a little overwelmed when i get innond8ed wit DMz n emailz akzin me for advice.  butt let me tell u thiz, how about?  i take it all in stride bekauze im all 4 the embetterment ov my fellow man! 



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38 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

Yep, time to settle down and start a family...good luck

thankz, bruh!
ya know, maybee 1 day when i find tha right fly honie butt im still peepdippin' 4 that special somebodee.  im lookin 4 tha kinda honie who iz kinda lik my gramma (RIP).  a gr8 cook, n also she prolly gotta b Italian wit a fly tan.  sos in tha meantime, ima keep kloughhbin' n prayin that tha right fly honie will dance in2 my life! 


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