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2021 MLB Season Discussion


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40 minutes ago, Unknøwn said:

Sinclair is under pressure from the sports commissioners, Manfred included, to get the Bally networks on streaming platforms. Sinclair claims it can do it next year but that's been met with skepticism 

I have a media podcast called Streaming into the Void. We have covered this debacle for a while. They’re planning to launch their own service next year. It will cost the same as Netflix and Disney+ combined. 

Everybody said Sinclair got a steal for the old Fox rights from Disney. It could literally bankrupt them.

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Rangers DFA'd Folty. He cleared waivers and declined a minor league spot. He's now a free agent. 

Folty had a 5.44 ERA in 28 games. He posted a 1.25 whip and allowed 35 HR in 139 innings. His FIP was 6.02, so he was a little worse than showed believe it or not. 

Texas tried him as a reliever in September. He allowed 4 ER, 6 H in 9 innings out of the bullpen 

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7 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

Cards GM said there was a philosophical difference with Shildt that couldn't be overcome. He said Shildt was shocked but the FO felt it better to move on now. 

Wondering if the philosophical difference was about throwing Alex Reyes out there to give up walk-offs in three consecutive appearances.

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30 minutes ago, dmite said:

So is the AL pitching just garbage or are the hitters that good?  I feel like the NL hitters are all really good, so it must be the pitching is the difference, right?

The SP in the NL are much better.

The AL also isn't having a automatic put in the 9 spot either.

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