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Going to be a sad place here after Rd 1 on Draft day

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29 minutes ago, SavedByGrace1221 said:

Bruce Arians signed Tom Brady. Arthur Smith became a head coach of a team that already had Matt Ryan.Arthur Smith had nothing to do with Matt Ryan being the quarterback of his new team. Good grief man.

Arthur Smith accepted a job knowing who the QB was going to be though. Was he forced to take the job? 

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Couldn't care less what 'draft analysts' think. 90% of them don't know a single thing about the falcons.

More and more draft analyst are starting to see Atl going QB in the first rd . And yet 80% of you guys are angry and refuse to believe it . Why? We fired our head coach, our GM and our entire coaching

Blank: So what are your year 1 objectives? Smith: Well not winning for starters Blank: Yer hired!

15 minutes ago, tl;dr said:

 By taking a QB, we are going to have to make a decision on Ryan quickly. One of the big advantages of having a rookie QB is that you get to have who you hope is a solid QB on a cheap deal so you can build the rest of the team around him. By taking a QB and not playing him for 2 years or so, we forfeit several of those years and lose one of the biggest advantages of a rookie QB.

Trade back, acquire some picks, and we can move up next year and get a QB in what I personally feel is a better QB class. Only time will tell if I'm right or wrong though. 

Regardless of what any of us think should be the pick, I think most of us will support the pick no matter what. None of us are going to want to see the pick fail and if we do, then we aren't real fans. 

Or we can get a QB the year after next.  Or the year after that.

The thing about trading back and accumulating draft capital is you get to make decisions on your terms.  If Matt Ryan is balling out, there is no need to draft a QB.  If he isn't, you have the capital to do it.  No hindsight.  No wishing you'd done things differently.  Just put the team in a good position and you have the flexibility and muscle to do what you want to do, when you're ready to do it.

Honestly, I'd say the same about taking a QB this year.  If the FO thinks the QB who falls to us is the best player we can take at 4, I hope they take him.  Because in the end, the staff has to do what they think is right, not what a bunch of armchair GMs want them to do.  You build the team on your own terms.  You don't let circumstances dictate what you do, whether it's having Ryan here for another 2-5 years, or moving on from him because you feel hamstrung having the no. 4 pick and what the armchair GMs assure us is a draft class fully the equal of the 1983 class.

Oh, about that 1983 class, nobody remembers Todd Blackledge, Tony Eason (unless they watched the '85 Super Bowl) or Ken O'Brien.  O'Brien wasn't a bad QB, which is more than anyone can say about the other two, but nobody talking about the historic strength of the 2021 draft class has him in mind, either.

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I would prefer to trade down and not draft a QB early. I prefer to build the roster which will help the team be better now as well as in the future. Drafting a QB early to be a back-up and sit on the bench will delay this process and waste more cap dollars. There will be other QBs in later rounds or in future drafts. Draft impact players now that help in areas of weakness (pass rush, running game, red zone scoring, defensive backs). Fixing positions of weakness will help whoever is our QB.

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7 hours ago, SavedByGrace1221 said:

More and more draft analyst are starting to see Atl going QB in the first rd . And yet 80% of you guys are angry and refuse to believe it . Why? We fired our head coach, our GM and our entire coaching staff . We are building for the future guys . AS is not looking to win next year. He's building for the future. If he loses every game next year, his job is safe. The sooner you guys let go of the past , the clearer you can see our future. Get excited . Let's rebuild, retool , and get behind our new coach and GM .... Just know it's going to take some time. 

I agree with your overall premise.  I do not believe Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith were hired under a "win now" mandate.  This team was 18-30 over the past three seasons, and we have had two winning seasons (2016 and 2017) since 2012.  Sure, with parity the way it is in the NFL, any team can return to being a contender on a shorter timeline with the right moves, but I have accepted the fact that our window to win a SB with Matt Ryan has most likely closed.   For those who would argue otherwise, can you provide a recent example of a team that went to the SB for the first time with a particular starting QB and core group of players, lost the game, and subsequently went on to win a SB with same QB and core group?


This isn't an indictment on Matt Ryan, who I have always appreciated and defended.  This is about facing facts and moving away from the toxic positivity of DQ's regime.

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